Friday, January 23, 2009


omg excuse my friggin language but I hate racists fukks !!!!! Check this out. So some f'n Obama hater in a bakery in Greenwich Village, it is a pretty well known bakery mind you....Anyways to the disturbing part! This mofo makes a "N-word cookie" in honor of Obama and goes on to tell customers that Obama will end up like Abraham Lincoln, for those not keen in history he got assassinated. Anyways look at the cookie. Im so upset.-------->
When someone from the News goes in and questions him about this dumb shit, he replies " "I called them Drunken Negro Heads. What's the problem with that?" He proceeds to say that because it was inauguration day he changed them to Obama Heads! He also said made Dead Geese Cookies in honor of the Hudson Plane Crash. But besides that he basically goes on to say its not racist because he has a brother n law whose Cuban. Now we all know racist pricks like to call out their one f'n minority friend to claim they aren't racist....Im so shocked and amazed. WTF ?!?!? Someone needs to slap his ass. Like seriously, we're makin history and there is still racist fukks making dumb racist comments and "racist cookies!?!?!?" Get the hell over it .. Obama is the President so suck it up, be mad that more racists didn't vote for McCain and Palin's retarded self, and shut the hell up!
I HATE RACIST PEOPLE... now that was irritating lol ...
On a basic same level for those who don't know I'm from Va Beach but I reside in MI for school. I have come to the conclusion that I am sooooooo sick and tired of this place. The lack of sunlight, the unneeded abundance of snow, and worst of all the University which I attend. I dont know if it's the people but maybe its the culture that I don't mesh well with. I wanna go home, have a drink with my loves, and relax in the sun on the freakin beach.
Please don't think i'm a negative person, i'm actually quite bubbly lol, but I just like to vent about annoying things....I will post something happy next time.. I promise....Muah
SmOoches Loves
P.S. : Pray for my boy OneTen I know he's not feeling well !


Rai said...

SMH. That's sad.
But unfortunately racism isn't going anywhere.
There will always be idiots in the world
and those who want to bring other down.

And I love how people who ARE CLEARY RACIST always
use that line "I'm not racist, I have a black, white, etc friend/relative."

Charles said...

I heard about this....ignorance at its finest...

Opé - Style Artist said...

We have come a long way and I can't stand it like the next person but I have learned to ignore stupid people.
Best regards.

Anonymous said...

The fact that you are screaming I HATE, makes you a "hater" your self. Does it not? Also, every one in this country has the freedom of speech, if they wish to make something that you find inappropriate, than that's there problem. But, you have also made fun of the opposing party so you have no room to criticize others. Think on that...

pinksmOoches said...

I have not been posting in months but this popped in my email. How can anyone be a hater on racists? That makes no sense. And while everyones entitled to their own opinion, i have exercised my right to free speech by putting up a post on MY blog! But thanks for the comment..