Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hey Loves!!

Hey guys...Im so glad its hump day. im tired of this week!!!
Guess what??? I have an interview today !! yay !!! I need money for Spring Break so pray for me!Anyways ... I have a "You Irritate Me"

So i'm watching Cheaters
last night and like you have the typical showing of the video tapes and blah blah blah. So they bust out like the FBI on the "Cheaters" and this is a situation where the other woman didn't know that the guy hadda wife, yet still gets her ass beat !! LOL, I sooo hate when people do that guys/girls. Try to fight the innocent other mate while they try to make up with the person who's cheating on them! WTF ?!? So irritating. The only exception is when the other person is someone who knows you or knew that you hadda man/girl. In that case let the ass beating begin lol. Another thing that irritates me about Cheaters is when the person always uses the excuse "I didnt know how to tell you". Are you retarded?? I admit it is hard to admit to someone u used to love that u don't anymore, but Cheating is retarded. I hate Cheaters, the people, not the show lol.

Now my you irritate me which is on a local level: OMG I hate when your turning the corner in your frickin car and the person in the car that isn't moving stares right into your face when your turning. I mean if you glance thats cool, but stop staring at me !!!! Lol sheeeshhhh

On another note, many might have thought that Obama was stumbling over his words during the Oath, but it was actually the Cheif Justice that messed up due to his nerves. The Oath actually says "I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States...." But the Cheif Justice said this ...that I will execute the office of President to the United States faithfully...." Because Obama memorized it, he then supposedly blanked and let the Cheif Justice fix himself...

So im gettin dressed for my interview..pray people pray

Love yah,


Nick said...

Im praying for you, wish you the best.

Charles said...

Good luck on your interview!! I hate that too...I hate when I'm at a red light, and the person next to me looks over and stares all in my damn car. Its like what...what do you want/need?

pinksmOoches said...

Thanks Nick !!!! and Thanks Charles ... omg it happened to me again today ... GrrrR