Friday, January 23, 2009

Lil Wayne aka the best rapper alive aka always gettin caught doing stupid shit....Once again stands up fans who once again supported him. In Rochester, NY which he has stood up 3 previous times, he stood them up again. I smell another law suit coming along because Lil Wayne and Baby are notorious for doin rude shit like this. Lets not forget when they took money before they performed for mostly kids and never did their show. Anyways after his slip in Chicago ... view video

I hope that Karma comes back around to him. That is so rude! Although I love the music, not feeling the morals or lack of.

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One Ten said...

Yeah, this definitely isn't a good look for dude. It's not cool, at all.

BTW, change your 'blog title' it just has a period. LOL. Which can kinda be misleading. LOL.

And check my latest blog entry out sometime tomorrow, I'm going to tag you to something. :)