Saturday, January 17, 2009

You Irritate Me

"We can't change the world, unless we change ourselves"

Ok I always make a You Irritate ME section:
But due to my experience last night, I immediately had to blog about this!!

OK SOOOOO....I really wanted to see Notorious the first night that it came out so I was checking the time n what not and realized that it was only playing at the theatre that I hate. Now im in school in a small town so theres not much options but about 2 local theaters. 1 is run in a somewhat mixed/white community and one is in the predominatly black community. It was only playing at the black theatre...which I hate going to. But i sucked it up and went. Now first off we went early and they let us in with abut 10 other people and there was NO HEAT! and it was already literally -5 degrees outside. SOOO they told us we could stay in and they wouldnt let the other people in. They start the previews and still noone can come in. One of my friends is in line outside and the workers are screaming at them and treating them like some immigrants or whatever. Its crazy. Long story short, the movie was supposed to start at 9:05 and didn't until about 9:30 something. and they let a MOB of people rush in..which caused chaos.

People were screaming, yellin at they cousins and friends across the theatre, and screamin out shit the whole time. Shit like, "Hell nah I aint pay to be hearing all yall speak!", "I ain;t pay for this shit"..."Can you move your hair." ... "This is where all the ugly girls come at night!" And to make it even Better I had to sit in front of the Chatty Kassie Crew who talked the entire movie.....Then you have people rapping the entire movie not just to Biggie but there own personal raps.Anyways the movie was killer and I loved it...Except the fact that P. Diddy..Puffy, whatever was a producer or something and he kept making "inspiring" comments the whole movie like he was perfect. The movie was great. Needless to say I was reminded why I never go there on Friday or Saturday Nights...


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Charles said...

I dunno...I'm just really not interested in seeing that movie. But be glad that a theater was actually playing it in your town. Where I went to school at, there were NO theaters at all playing black movies...which was a damn shame...