Friday, January 23, 2009


omg excuse my friggin language but I hate racists fukks !!!!! Check this out. So some f'n Obama hater in a bakery in Greenwich Village, it is a pretty well known bakery mind you....Anyways to the disturbing part! This mofo makes a "N-word cookie" in honor of Obama and goes on to tell customers that Obama will end up like Abraham Lincoln, for those not keen in history he got assassinated. Anyways look at the cookie. Im so upset.-------->
When someone from the News goes in and questions him about this dumb shit, he replies " "I called them Drunken Negro Heads. What's the problem with that?" He proceeds to say that because it was inauguration day he changed them to Obama Heads! He also said made Dead Geese Cookies in honor of the Hudson Plane Crash. But besides that he basically goes on to say its not racist because he has a brother n law whose Cuban. Now we all know racist pricks like to call out their one f'n minority friend to claim they aren't racist....Im so shocked and amazed. WTF ?!?!? Someone needs to slap his ass. Like seriously, we're makin history and there is still racist fukks making dumb racist comments and "racist cookies!?!?!?" Get the hell over it .. Obama is the President so suck it up, be mad that more racists didn't vote for McCain and Palin's retarded self, and shut the hell up!
I HATE RACIST PEOPLE... now that was irritating lol ...
On a basic same level for those who don't know I'm from Va Beach but I reside in MI for school. I have come to the conclusion that I am sooooooo sick and tired of this place. The lack of sunlight, the unneeded abundance of snow, and worst of all the University which I attend. I dont know if it's the people but maybe its the culture that I don't mesh well with. I wanna go home, have a drink with my loves, and relax in the sun on the freakin beach.
Please don't think i'm a negative person, i'm actually quite bubbly lol, but I just like to vent about annoying things....I will post something happy next time.. I promise....Muah
SmOoches Loves
P.S. : Pray for my boy OneTen I know he's not feeling well !
Lil Wayne aka the best rapper alive aka always gettin caught doing stupid shit....Once again stands up fans who once again supported him. In Rochester, NY which he has stood up 3 previous times, he stood them up again. I smell another law suit coming along because Lil Wayne and Baby are notorious for doin rude shit like this. Lets not forget when they took money before they performed for mostly kids and never did their show. Anyways after his slip in Chicago ... view video

I hope that Karma comes back around to him. That is so rude! Although I love the music, not feeling the morals or lack of.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hey Loves!!

Hey guys...Im so glad its hump day. im tired of this week!!!
Guess what??? I have an interview today !! yay !!! I need money for Spring Break so pray for me!Anyways ... I have a "You Irritate Me"

So i'm watching Cheaters
last night and like you have the typical showing of the video tapes and blah blah blah. So they bust out like the FBI on the "Cheaters" and this is a situation where the other woman didn't know that the guy hadda wife, yet still gets her ass beat !! LOL, I sooo hate when people do that guys/girls. Try to fight the innocent other mate while they try to make up with the person who's cheating on them! WTF ?!? So irritating. The only exception is when the other person is someone who knows you or knew that you hadda man/girl. In that case let the ass beating begin lol. Another thing that irritates me about Cheaters is when the person always uses the excuse "I didnt know how to tell you". Are you retarded?? I admit it is hard to admit to someone u used to love that u don't anymore, but Cheating is retarded. I hate Cheaters, the people, not the show lol.

Now my you irritate me which is on a local level: OMG I hate when your turning the corner in your frickin car and the person in the car that isn't moving stares right into your face when your turning. I mean if you glance thats cool, but stop staring at me !!!! Lol sheeeshhhh

On another note, many might have thought that Obama was stumbling over his words during the Oath, but it was actually the Cheif Justice that messed up due to his nerves. The Oath actually says "I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States...." But the Cheif Justice said this ...that I will execute the office of President to the United States faithfully...." Because Obama memorized it, he then supposedly blanked and let the Cheif Justice fix himself...

So im gettin dressed for my interview..pray people pray

Love yah,

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama and other things..

Haven't posted in a while...

Today while I sat actually laid in my bed and watched the inauguration along with the rest of not only America, but parts of the world, I sat there with a sense of not only pride but accomplishment. As Barack Obama, my president, took the oath to become the official president, it was set in stone that dreams do come true. Not only do dreams come true, but anything is possible, and it reassured Americans that have fallen down in this economic crisis, to get back up and keep trying. It reassured minorities that the glass ceiling is being shattered and we can take part in helping to shatter it in our own communities.

Not only am I proud to be an American, being a Navy Brat, but I am proud to be a minority and proud of America for electing an official of color. Needless to say, I see everyones screennames saying "My President is black..." instead of quoting songs, people go out and do something. Obama is a reminder that we as a whole need to get back on our grinds. Stop being lazy lol, get our G.P.A.s up, get this economy going..... now that I got all of that out of the way. ...Hope u guys are having a great week =]


Saturday, January 17, 2009

You Irritate Me

"We can't change the world, unless we change ourselves"

Ok I always make a You Irritate ME section:
But due to my experience last night, I immediately had to blog about this!!

OK SOOOOO....I really wanted to see Notorious the first night that it came out so I was checking the time n what not and realized that it was only playing at the theatre that I hate. Now im in school in a small town so theres not much options but about 2 local theaters. 1 is run in a somewhat mixed/white community and one is in the predominatly black community. It was only playing at the black theatre...which I hate going to. But i sucked it up and went. Now first off we went early and they let us in with abut 10 other people and there was NO HEAT! and it was already literally -5 degrees outside. SOOO they told us we could stay in and they wouldnt let the other people in. They start the previews and still noone can come in. One of my friends is in line outside and the workers are screaming at them and treating them like some immigrants or whatever. Its crazy. Long story short, the movie was supposed to start at 9:05 and didn't until about 9:30 something. and they let a MOB of people rush in..which caused chaos.

People were screaming, yellin at they cousins and friends across the theatre, and screamin out shit the whole time. Shit like, "Hell nah I aint pay to be hearing all yall speak!", "I ain;t pay for this shit"..."Can you move your hair." ... "This is where all the ugly girls come at night!" And to make it even Better I had to sit in front of the Chatty Kassie Crew who talked the entire movie.....Then you have people rapping the entire movie not just to Biggie but there own personal raps.Anyways the movie was killer and I loved it...Except the fact that P. Diddy..Puffy, whatever was a producer or something and he kept making "inspiring" comments the whole movie like he was perfect. The movie was great. Needless to say I was reminded why I never go there on Friday or Saturday Nights...


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

SnoOow... Boo Hoo

Currently its snowing out of control where I am .... and there's no snow day :(
Side Note: Spring Break this is what im lookin forward to =] CARNIVAL CRUISE !!!

Now that i've calmed down lol. Some happy news for the day! Jennifer Hudson, who lost her mother, brother, and nephew practically all in the same day is back on her grind! She will be singing the National Anthem at the Superbowl on Feb 1. Glad to see her recovering from such a devestating event in her life. Love that girl. Once Again Simon Cowell can kiss it =]

While on the topic of American Idol contestants lol, those who watched American Idol's premiere of Season 8 last night can agree it was interesting. From the battle of the new judge Kara and the Bikini Girl to the deepest voice I ever heard to Ryan Seacrest making an ass of himself trying to high five a blind person. Did anyone else notice that the blind guy had gorgeous eyes? Anywhoos Ryan get it together !!! lol


Before I go its time for my You Irritate Me:
Ok every post I will vent on something that irritates me. Today it is people who know they have the friggin RIGHT OF WAY and they don't move! OMG !!! Why?! It messes up the full rotation and it just sparks my SEVERE case of road rage lol. For some reason it seems that people in MI just don't get when it is their turn to move their cars from the stop sign...anyways lol...::breath::

♥ Dasee ♥

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

First Post

So i've decided to post my very first post....nothing to personal just a lil venting...

For the Make Up Lovers
First off: Since I am very new on this blogging website, many might not know but should that I am a MAC lover. More of an obsession. Nonetheless, it is a very exciting endeavor that Hello Kitty has combined with MAC. 2 loves....
Release date is somewhere in Feb. 2009. In hard economic times MAC among few others, has still continued to thrive upon us consumers. This release will surely raise profits!

For the Gossip Lovers:
On a more devastating note: there is currently a blizzard in the tiny speck on the map where I attend college in Michigan. Due to the fact that I am deathly afraid to drive in the snow and my 3 hour class has been canceled I have been indulging in my secret obsession: Gossip Sites. Low and behold I come across a video clip that Gucci Man, whom we all have listened and enjoyed his songs one time or another, actually punched the hell out of his "gf".

Check it out here

Its quite disturbing....

For the Movie Lovers:
On a greater note...It will be a good weekend for movies :)
Check out this weekend first off:
Notorious: This Movie has alot of hype behind it from lovers of hip hop to those who want to learn about the life that Biggie Smalls lived. I'm hoping its a good one.

I am also looking forward to seeing My Bloody Valentine in 3D! The previews made it seem like it was going to be a good one but we all know that previews especially for horror movies can be deceiving.

Before I go: I just want to rant about one good movie I recently saw:
This is a fantasic movie. Its comical and a typical chick flick. But in the theater, packed with people, I saw a lot of guys. Chick Flicks are the new Couple Movies. But anyways. Its a great movie. It made you laugh, it made you cry, and it made you Beyonce Fans still crave for your man to "Put a Ring on it!!"

You Irritate Me:
Does it ever irritate you when your just randomly browsing through FaceBook and you see the same person over and over and over leaving picture comments? Ugh that is something that irritates me for reasons still unknown. Its like why is my news feed constantly filled with the same people hyping up other people with picture comments? Lol..yes Im getting a little perturbed just venting this. Anyways...I figure that if they received as little as $5.00 per useless picture comment they would be well on their way to paying off their student loans...sheesshhh..anyways lol. I love people who drop picture comments when picture comments are due. Everyone else. Please Limit them ....

Until Next Time;
Love God first, Love you second, and Love those that enrich your life for the better next,