Tuesday, January 13, 2009

First Post

So i've decided to post my very first post....nothing to personal just a lil venting...

For the Make Up Lovers
First off: Since I am very new on this blogging website, many might not know but should that I am a MAC lover. More of an obsession. Nonetheless, it is a very exciting endeavor that Hello Kitty has combined with MAC. 2 loves....
Release date is somewhere in Feb. 2009. In hard economic times MAC among few others, has still continued to thrive upon us consumers. This release will surely raise profits!

For the Gossip Lovers:
On a more devastating note: there is currently a blizzard in the tiny speck on the map where I attend college in Michigan. Due to the fact that I am deathly afraid to drive in the snow and my 3 hour class has been canceled I have been indulging in my secret obsession: Gossip Sites. Low and behold I come across a video clip that Gucci Man, whom we all have listened and enjoyed his songs one time or another, actually punched the hell out of his "gf".

Check it out here

Its quite disturbing....

For the Movie Lovers:
On a greater note...It will be a good weekend for movies :)
Check out this weekend first off:
Notorious: This Movie has alot of hype behind it from lovers of hip hop to those who want to learn about the life that Biggie Smalls lived. I'm hoping its a good one.

I am also looking forward to seeing My Bloody Valentine in 3D! The previews made it seem like it was going to be a good one but we all know that previews especially for horror movies can be deceiving.

Before I go: I just want to rant about one good movie I recently saw:
This is a fantasic movie. Its comical and a typical chick flick. But in the theater, packed with people, I saw a lot of guys. Chick Flicks are the new Couple Movies. But anyways. Its a great movie. It made you laugh, it made you cry, and it made you Beyonce Fans still crave for your man to "Put a Ring on it!!"

You Irritate Me:
Does it ever irritate you when your just randomly browsing through FaceBook and you see the same person over and over and over leaving picture comments? Ugh that is something that irritates me for reasons still unknown. Its like why is my news feed constantly filled with the same people hyping up other people with picture comments? Lol..yes Im getting a little perturbed just venting this. Anyways...I figure that if they received as little as $5.00 per useless picture comment they would be well on their way to paying off their student loans...sheesshhh..anyways lol. I love people who drop picture comments when picture comments are due. Everyone else. Please Limit them ....

Until Next Time;
Love God first, Love you second, and Love those that enrich your life for the better next,


Makeup Mama said...

Hi Maya! Welcome to the blogging world and thanks so much for following!

Nick said...

Welcome to the blogging world, don't listen to what some haters might say, they are everywhere. lol. Anyways, im your first follower, hope you get more soon. Check out my blog at www.hiphoprnbworld.com and follow if you like it. :)

One Ten said...

You need to make a blogroll, it makes it easier for link exchanges and it allows others to drive more traffic towards your blog.

Besides that, again, I DO love your blog (as I said in the more recent post). LOL.