Monday, February 2, 2009


OMG ! I haven't posted in forever plus sum!!! So Sorry, for those of you who keep up...I've been sooo busy its not even funny. However, my madre visited me at school this weekend and let me tell you..I went on a shopping frenzy!! Coach bags, clothes, heels..needless to say.. I hadda great weekend. .. Last week Saturday I went to a club with some girls and before that we went to a lounge to get some drinks. There was a 61yr old white man who was dancin better than half the people there LOL it was hilarious. But we went to a club later and I was intoduced to an Amaretto Sour...THATS A GOOD DRINK...and we saw some of some other people I knew out there so we had a blast.

FELLAS!! Please beware..if your at the club and your motioning to a girl to come dance with you and she turns to her friend/s and starts snickering or laughing..I think thats gonna be a HELL NO to your request..Lol .. DO NOT come over and further conversation....Also FELLAS its not a good look when you wait at the door when the club closes and shout out random shit to every girl who walks by. At least get some damn standards....Sheesh Lol

LADIES!!! Do not run to the middle of the floor and get thrown up and down by a random dude you do not know. Especially when your not Beyonce and cannot dance well . LoL and please its cute to wear short sexy dresses...but its not cute to wear a shirt, calling it a dress, and have ur ass hanging out, especially when its not toned or pretty No Homo Lol ...

But the club was nice..haven't been out in a while..Flash forward to this weekend. I was having a good weekend and ended up going to a local house party, which I didn't have high expectations for anyways but yea. I love to have a good time but I was completly sober and furthermore bored out of my f'n mind. Now i'm not saying you can't have fun sober cuz you can, but at this party that would have to be the case. The music was aight so at least I was groovin in my head lol.

After that super SUPER boring end to my fabulous day, I had to get up at 6 am to take my moms to the airport. Then it was HW and time for the super bowl !! I might be a girly girl but I love me some football...Now I had on my cute lil yellow shirt supporting the Steelers and after a jaw clenching 4th quarter, you all know the story. It was a kick ass quarter I was literally on the end of the couch. I was at my friends BF's house there was alot of guys there so there was a lot of screaming lol. But Needless to say...Santonio Holmes showed some TRUE SKILL out there..DID YOU SEE THAT TOUCHDOWN?!?!?THAT CATCH lol ..Ben I didnt forget about you. The throw was gorgeous. Harrison with that first touchdown was great too. Steelers and Cardinals put on a good game last night....I will post again later. I need to make up for my negligence Lol ...

OMG I almost forgot..HOLY HELL!!! Did anyone else get shivers from J. Hudson ?!?! Good Lord!

SmOoches Loves!!!!

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Rai said...

I would love to see a picture of what you bought. :]

I didn't watch the Super Bowl.
Jennifer Hudson did a good performance though.
Read she was lipsynching though, but still good.