Monday, February 2, 2009

Can't Sleeep

Sad notice...So I bought an Aldo black clutch ! and I was trying on dresses at Macys and left it in the dressing room in the Aldo bag..Came back and it was gone... IM pissed !!! And the thing is I always return other peoples shit to the Lost n Found but noone could do that for me ... im sad....ill post tomorrow :(

On a higher note I bought some stuff from E.L.F. cosmetics today!! Hypie!! (extremely hype!) Lol

I can't sleep so I decided I would start by saying tomorrow from 6 - 2pm you can get a FREE!!!! Grand Slam at Dennys! and if you can't get a seat they will give you a rain check. So don't miss a free breakfast...especially you college kids!

Sooo Valentines Day is comin up so I decided everyday I would put some gift Ideas up! So the first one is gonna be a lil personal. I found a very cheap. Less than $20 gift that I will be buying. This lift is for the Ladies who have a Man. Get your man some eyecandy. Get all Dolled up and show him some gratitude!! This one's mine lol....All you fellas don't you want ur girl to dress up in some thing like this. If you don't have a mate or your not that serious...i'll be coming back with some more gift ideas for the Valentines Day gift for anyone this year..


1 comment:

Rai said...

That sucks about the Aldo thing.
You should had asked the people who work in there if they seen it.

SMH. They're suppose to check the fitting room ALWAYS.

What did you get from e.l.f.? I love their brushes.

lol. That's a good gift idea. Already got something in mind.