Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Vday Gift Advice #2

Ok hey guys...well loves lol...I have some gift advice for those having a crush or a very fresh (new) BF!!! Ok so you def. don't wanna do anything overwhelming or over the top...it could freak a guy out...so therefore some simple gifts could be
  1. a personalized CD
  2. cook him a really good homecooked meal or even gourmet if you have skills! We all know food is the way to a man's heart...especially if your tryin to win it over lol.
  3. videogames or a movie you know he'll like or a comedy ( can't go wrong there )
  4. a cute card (not too cheesy)
  5. go to the movies
  6. if you live in a warm climate plan a tiny picnic or something
Remember keep it chill and tune up the flirting lol ....If your in this category don't just mope around on Valentines Day...Express your new found love or pursue some. Be courageous and sexy...It'll pay off! More gift ideas will be coming soon ... only 11 more days lovelys...!!


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Charles said...

I'll def keep these in mind...