Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ok Guyyyss

Ok Guys this is for you! Some things you can get for a crush! Yesterday was for the ladies, now its your turn Crushers ! lol ...
  1. How about the old cliche Chocolate...some girls like it, some girls don't. you make the call. Either way they won't take it the wrong way but will recognize that you actually thought of them.
  2. A Romantic movie aka a chick flick! It will be appreciated and maybe you can offer that you watch it wink wink
  3. Flowers! You might not wanna go alll lovey dovey with the red roses but what about pink or carnations or even daisys ( my personal favorite! )
  4. The throwback Teddy Bear and maybe a funny card!
The gift need not be too personal, just a token of affection, they most likely won't be expecting anything from you. But since you put the effort into a small gift it will show you care.

What not to get
  1. Jewelry ! Leave it to the hot n heavy couples
  2. Nothing O.D. or professing your extreme love ( i know none of my lovelys would make this mistake lol)
Tomorrow I will move into those who have a bf/gf!

P.S. - Today was the most hits i've ever received! Thanks Loves!!!

Until then...Muah ..


Rai said...

I have never had someone get me flowers. lol

Congrats on the hits!

pinksmOoches said...

Thanks love!! Hey I have a question.. Ill email you!

Charles said...

I'm waiting for tomorrows post...