Thursday, February 5, 2009

Gifts for your Boyfriend!!!

Ok Ladies so I know that most of you guys are kinda stuck on what u should get for your man. While on the other hand, some of you guys already are all set, highfive! lol .. For everyone else here goes some tips...

Broke on Cash??
  1. ScrapbOok - get all your old pics, whatever things you have from your relationship, and scrapbook it up. I recommend this for couples who have been together for more than a year. There is really no money involved.
  2. Be cute about it if your broke. How about cook a fancy dinner at your place. Make a fake lil invitation, dress sexy ( throw on them heels ), and throw a good meal together! Make your place or his very romantic and set that mood!
  3. For the goo goo gaa gaa couples make a coupon book with things like Free Massage, Dinner for Two, One Free Favor, etc. on it.
  4. If your guy is a pretty boy ( really cares about his appearance ) then make a gift basket. Get some shaving creams, male lotions, etc and make it look really nice
  5. Use your imagination ... Cater to something that reflects the things that he likes.
Got money to blow?
  1. If he already doesn't have an ipod/mp3 player. Get him one and preload a playlist from you on it.
  2. Nice watch
  3. Fashionable Clothing ( that you know he'll like not something you would like him to wear. keep it his style )
  4. If your lil freaky ( adult toys, etc...) pst hey some people GO THERE lol
  5. Cologne
  6. Tickets to his fav. team game or to a concert
I might come up with more before V Day, but just stay posted. Remember even though they don't admit it they want to get a gift on V day lol. Keep it masculine, not hearts n flowers n balloons lol.

Ill be back with more Loves!
P.S. - Charles I got you tomorrow with the gifts for the Ladies


Rai said...

Good ideas once again.

LOL @ #4

Emeka Amakeze said...

Lovely thoughts that could really do some magic

Charles said...

Those are def some good gift ideas....I see you got this down to a science.

Hahahaha...I'll be sure to check out the list for tomorrow.


gorege smithly said...

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