Monday, February 9, 2009

Vday Gifts for a Girlfriend!!

omg im sorry im so late!! I had to write 2 10 page papers and give a 30 minute presentation today!

Anways let me proceeed: Here go some gifts fellas that you can swoon your ladie with this Vday! Which is very very close.
  1. Red Roses! Not just one like a bouquet! Red symbolizes love and they are surely to fancy your ladie if she likes flowers.
  2. Something thats very popular during this time is cameras. If she doesn't have one and if your stacked then get your girl a nice digital camera. During this time they always sell Red or Pink cameras.
  3. Perfume is a good gift idea as well. My personal favorite and I've gotten alot of compliments on is Mariah Carey's perfume line. The purple bottle not the pink. Lol
  4. Jewelry is also a great idea. Depending on your personal relationship level. Don't go all out if you just started going out last month..hehe
Low on cash??
  1. Use your personal skill set. Can you sing? Dance? Hey swoon her by singing her her favorite love song? Good dancer? Got some Chris Brown moves? Give her a lap dance LOL
  2. OMG do not forget the card.
  3. Is your girlfriend geeky or tech savvy. Try, they have gifts for less than 10.oo!
  4. Visit they have chocolate yummies like edible panties that are under 10.00.
  5. Ordinary cholocate hearts are getting played out but if you can make it jazzy try it out.
  6. Make a CD, make Dinner, be creative
If you know what your girl likes or her hobbies. Find something that portrays that you recognize that hobby. It will show that you truly care and if its something you went the extra mile to do not even like purchase than you'll score extra points in her heart and that night ... lol



Susan said...

If you want quality Gifts For Her, then visit

Rai said...

Good ideas once, again.

lol What's wrong with Mariah Carey's
pink bottled perfume?
Smells good to me.

pinksmOoches said...

haha its just my Favorite!!

pinksmOoches said...

Susan thanks for the tip

Lucky Peters said...

Good ideas...

Charles said...

Think Geek huh...I might look into that. Thanks for postin this!