Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Something Sexy About

Lord there is something sexy about this....Something about a guy taking care of his kids that is just so sexy. I was watching Making the Band and Will brought his son to the house .. etc. but the love that it showed was so nice. Especially in a day in age when brothers are portrayed in the media as being dead beats and losers and all that. For those brothers who are taking care of their kids...kudos and high five.

Another sexy thing is guys who love kids. Watching them interact with kids that aren't even theirs is sooo sexy... I dunno why that is a major turn on for me..sHeeeesh

Sorry I jus has a random rant lol

Another thing...i'm currently watching Harlem Heights and i'm not sure if I like it...What about you guys?? Edit::: I just had a thought, I commend BET for stopping showing black people acting a damn fool i.e. College Hill and showing educated black youths, like myself, doing something with their lives and making it in the professional world.


Rai said...

lol, yes quite random.
Can't say it's sexy or a turn on for me, but it's good to know.

Um I watch the first episode.
Not so sure how I feel about the show.
I know they were on 106 & Park earlier to talk about it & address some issues... me I personally think it seems kinda fake...regardless of what they said.

True_Be@uty_Shines_thru_You* said...

I just cant get into it but when i do catch it's just to say how cute the lightskinned boy is...LOl what's his name